Calphalon Small Nonstick Roast Rack

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Calphalon small roast rack fits most roasting pans. Pot racks and other stylish, yet functional accessories for your kitchen. Nonstick coating keeps foods from sticking.
To roast is to surround food with dry heat. Covering a turkey or joint of meat steams or braises rather than roasts, and placing it into a pan without a rack causes the lower part to boil in juices–that’s why a rack is essential for proper roasting. This 12-by-9-inch rack ensures a holiday turkey, duck, chicken, or rib roast will emerge from the oven evenly browned and fill the kitchen with an irresistible aroma. It’s nonstick, so poultry skin shouldn’t tear when the bird is lifted to a carving platter. If necessary, scour this rack with a nonabrasive cleanser and a nylon or plastic scrubber; hand wash with mild detergent to preserve the nonstick surface. –Fred Brack

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